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From €6 per month

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is home insurance compulsory?

    Home insurance is only compulsory if you have a mortgage. If you own a house but do not have a bank loan, it is not compulsory. However, it is highly recommended to take out one, as in the event of any damage to your home you would have to pay for it yourself.

  • What is civil liability?

    When we talk about the civil liability guarantee, we are talking about the guarantee that covers all the damages that you can cause in the home of third parties. Imagine that you have a water leak in your house and you cause dampness in the walls of your neighbours. In this case, it would be your responsibility, so you would have to pay all the costs. If you have a home insurance policy, this is covered, as it is one of the basic guarantees.

  • How do I report a claim?

    At Luko, it's very simple: just report it via the Luko application. With other insurers, you will either have to send an e-mail, call the claims department or send a registered letter.

  • What does Luko home insurance cover?

    At Luko, we offer you two insurance packs: the basic and the complete one.

    In each of them you can modify the policies and add or remove options. We know that every home is different and that is why we believe that insurance should be adapted to each one of them.

  • What is the difference between buildings and contents?

    Buildings are the fixed elements of the house: the materials, walls, floors, etc. 👉 It is calculated by adding the cost of the materials plus the labour (If the house had to be built from scratch).
    The contents are all the non-fixed elements of the house. Those that, if we were to turn your house upside down, would fall to the ground.

  • How can I contact Luko?

    We are 100% digital and we want to save you endless calls with sales agents. However, we are always available to help you and answer your questions in our chat. Talk to us from Monday to Friday from 9:30h to 18:30h. You can also leave us your phone number in case you prefer telephone support.

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